Vote for MAMA 2013


Calling all k-pop fan girls and fan boys, now is the time for you(us) to make our move. Let’s make our favorite k-star win for this year’s music award. MAMA 2013 poll requires an ID for you to be able to have your vote.  You only have to sign-up (if ever you still don’t have your account) using your e-mail address. Very simple. So where can you vote? No problem. Here’s the link, . Once you have log-in or sign-in to your account, you can now have your vote. You can vote everyday for your favorite artist/s. But remember, you can only have one vote per day in each category. The poll is up to 18 categories. Online voting counts for 20% of the total score for these categories, so VOTE EVERY DAY. The other criteria includes: Research (20%), Expert Judges (20%), Digital Sales (20%), Record Sales/Album (10%), and Selection Committee (10%.) So don’t waste any second now, visit the link above and start voting for your awesome idols!


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